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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a member but wish to join.  How can I do that?

1.  Select the Join us button on the banner at the top of the home page

2.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your email address and select the box 'I am not a robot'

3.  Select Next

4.  At the next screen enter your details (the 'avatar' is referring to a picture of yourself which you may upload from your device if you choose to)

5.  Select Next

6.  At the next screen enter your payment details

7.  Once you are registered as a member you may log in

8.  At the home page select the Log in button

9.  Select Forgot password

10.  A password will be sent to your email account and you will subsequently be able to log in

I am not receiving emails in my gmail inbox, they are going to my promotions folder.  How can I change that?

Click here to find step by step instructions on how to change your settings so this does not happen.  

How can I subscribe to receiving Message Board notifications?

Under the Members tab, go to the Announcements pages you are assigned (these are the groups you have registered for), click on Subscribe to Forum.  You will need to do this for all of the groups you are registered for in order to receive any announcements.

The Networking page on the website gives members the opportunity to post items they think will be of interest to others, make comments and have a 'conversation'.  In order to receive notifications, go to the Members tab, click on Networking and subscribe.  

How do I update my profile to add or remove activities I wish to enjoy?

Click here for instructions on how to add the Wild Apricot app to your phone and update your profile that way

Click here for instructions om how to edit your profile on the Peninsula Newcomers Club website

Can I pay my membership dues using a debit card?

Our online payment system does not allow for payment by debit card.  It takes credit card only.  However, if you do not have a credit card, or wish to pay by cheque or cash, that can be facilitated via our Membership Coordinator.  Please email the membership coordinator at: peninsulanewcomers@gmail.com.

What is the difference between a funtivity and an activity?

Funtivity is just a play on the word Activity and there is no difference.  

I have lived in the area for more than 3 years, but would still like to join your club.  Is this possible?

There are other local organizations that help women connect with each other and we recommend you review the information under our 'Community' tab.  However, the executive has discretion to consider applicants with special circumstances and may allow such applicants to become members.

How can I add an 'avatar' (ie picture of myself) to my profile?

Select 'Edit Profile'.  In the settings you select Avatar and upload a picture of yourself.  This is useful for other members to put a name to your face and is only visible to members.

May I attend or take part in an event before committing to membership?  

Yes, it is possible to attend a lunch or take part in a funtivity and meet other members prior to deciding if the club is for you.  Please email publicity.pnc@gmail. com with your request.

If I try to pay for an event with a debit card, but it does not go through and says the payment is 'pending' what can I do?

1.       Log on to the website
2.       Click on Edit profile
3.       Click on Event
4.       You are given the opportunity to add a card which is acceptable

Convenors' FAQs

How can I communicate with my group? How do see who is a member of my group?

Click here to find the answers.

Guest Waiver of Liability form:

Click here to find the Waiver of Liability for a PNC guest to attend a one time only event.

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