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The  Volunteers of the PNC organize a variety of activities.  There is something for everyone.  Browse the list, you are sure to find something of interest.  If you have any questions or want to start your own group, you can contact activities.pnc@gmail.com.

All Creatures Great and Small Fan Club

Are you a serious fan of the new "All Creatures Great and Small” tv series?   Have you re-watched your favourite episodes from seasons 1 thru 3?  If yes, how would you like to get together and discuss the show and enjoy the company of others who also find the series a delight.  The new series “All Creatures Great and Small” can be viewed at anytime on PBS Passport (if you are a donor that is).  In November all three seasons will be available on our local PBS channel KCTS9 in anticipation of season 4 which begins January 7, 2024.  For details of where and when we will meet log on to the website and look under the Members tab 'Activity Information'.  

American Mahjong

 American Mah Jongg (or mahjong) is a variant of the Chinese game mahjong. It follows the National Mah Jongg League rules.

We welcome experienced players that have knowledge of the game. The game uses racks to hold each player's tiles, jokers and 'Hands and Rules' score cards. The card describes the winning combinations of tiles. The goal of the game is to match your tiles with one of these combinations.

Artist Discovery Group

Our beautiful corner of the world boasts many fabulous artists, both professional and amateur who work with a variety of medium,  so let’s discover them together. 

A weekly visit to the ArtSea Gallery every Monday at 10:30am where we will meet with the various wonderful artists showing their work after which we could go for coffee at a local coffee shop to get to know one another and discuss our mutual interest in art.

In addition, we will occasionally visit with a specific artist at local galleries or their studio.   We will also strive to keep you informed about the many art shows and studio tour weekends on the Peninsula and surrounding communities.

Book Club 

“Into a world of words, I tread anew
A bookclub’s embrace, where stories brew
With strangers at first, but soon to be friends
In the realm of pages, our journey extends.”

Would you like to build community and make connections through reading and conversation? PNC book clubs offer the opportunity to get together in small groups where new chapters await.
Joining a book club will be slightly different than other activities. The sign up process will be overseen by a Convenor that will place a member in an existing group if there is space or facilitate the start of a new group.  Groups may be organized depending on preferences for fiction/nonfiction, time of day/evening location etc.   Visit our Members/Activities/Book Clubs page for contact information.

Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Gardens offers 55 acres of spectacular floral display. Join us to walk and explore the four seasons, from spring with its thousands of flowering bulbs to summer with its beautiful hanging baskets and Rose Garden. Then there is the autumn when the leaves on the trees turn an incredible red, orange and gold. In winter the trees and shrubs are showcased as well as access to historical documents and an indoor tropical garden.  A 12 month pass is recommended which gives you 10% discount on food, gifts and tickets for friends. Two visits pay for an annual pass. This group meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 10:00am. Please wear your name tags.

Coffee & Chat

Every Thursday at 10-11am.  Venue changes weekly.

Couples Connecting

This group is for the ladies and their significant other that want to do activities as couples. It may be a game-night, pot luck picnics, exploring places, or local events. You never know what might be in store for this action-oriented group but the idea is to do something fun, interesting, active or thought provoking together and to get to know each other and their partners better.

Couples/Members Pickleball 

This group is currently inactive and seeking a Convenor.

JOIN the Cryptosphere!

A Hub for Crypto Currency Enthusiasts - with Beginners in Mind

Cryptocurrency is certainly a global phenomenon, but it can be difficult to meet like-minded people out in the wilds of the Saanich Peninsula.

1. This group is for ladies who are aware of the basics of cryptocurrency - how it works, and some of the jargon, and for those who would like to get their first fiat into an exchange before the next crypto bull run, perhaps by the end of the year!

2. You have your first fiat into crypto currency & are happily Trading or Hodl’ing, and are interested in sharing different crypto strategies, coins and knowledge to build long term wealth.

Ultimately, become empowered to profit from the incredible opportunity we all have right now!  Our first meeting will be Thursday December 8th at 10am.

C-U Cycling! (No motors)

This activity is for women looking to join a weekly bike ride that focuses on keeping fit in the great outdoors through exercise, comradery, and skills improvement. The rides cover a distance of 20-30kms, average pace of 18-22kms/hr. with optional café at trail’s end or mid-point. Rides are mostly on flat, paved or hard-packed local bike trails and quiet streets. Meeting location and ride description change weekly. Registration is required for each ride, maximum 12 participants.  Weekly, Tuesday mornings.

Ebike Group

Explore and share your favourite E destinations! Join the PNC E bike ride each Wednesday AM. Rides will be approximately 2-3 hours with an option for a coffee/ bite at the end. Meeting location will change.  Registration required. Maximum: 12 registrants. 

Evening Supper Group

This is a casual evening out at a restaurant with the focus primarily on friendship and chatting, rather than the food.  The venues are yet to be decided, but it is envisaged that it will probably be a few regular alternating restaurants.  The group would meet once a month on a Wednesday evening.  Those who are interested should sign up and the Convenor Lisa will be in touch.

Fun and Games 

Do you love cribbage, scrabble, etc.?  Or, have you always wanted to learn or teach a new game?  We will meet on the third Thursday of the month at 3:30 pm for drinks and cards at a local place in Sidney.  You are welcome to bring your significant other. 

Girls Who Camp

'Girls Who Camp' is a group planning monthly warm weather/summer camping trips within 2 hours of Victoria. The goal is to enjoy nature, relax with books, walks, bike rides and to gather around a campfire to share food, a glass of wine and make new friends.  Either tent or RV is fine.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner is a great way for couples and singles to meet new people in a small group dinner party environment (6 – 8 people including hosts). Members sign up to either be hosts or guests. Hosts (singles may wish to team up and co-host) will not know who their guests will be and guests will not know where they are going until the last minute. Hosts provide their home and the main course. Guests will be assigned appetizers, salads or desserts and/or wine. We hope to have 3 or 4 dinners a year and there is an expectation members will offer to host at least once a year.

Kitchen Bridge

PNC's Kitchen Bridge, played on Tuesday afternoons, is meant to be a fun afternoon for those with a love of playing bridge with members with basic or more advanced skill levels. This past year the group membership has supported one table of bridge on a weekly basis.  It would be great to grow membership to support  two tables.  Members take turns hosting in their homes. We play for about two hours with a short break for a cup of tea. Input is always welcome and encouraged from current or prospective members with suggestions  including what day of the week, and the frequency of playing on that day, would work best for them.

Monday Morning Hiking

Every Monday throughout the year a hike on nature trails in the parks, hills and mountains of Southern Vancouver Island, takes place from 9am for approximately 1.5 - 2.5 hours.  The hikes very in length and level of difficulty, although they are typically moderate.

Movie Club

Want to watch a movie and have a lively discussion about it?  This group meets once a month.

Non-Fiction Book Club

This is a bit of a different format for a book club. Rather than all reading the same book each member reads a book of their choice each month and then comes prepared to discuss, explore the impact of the book and what they learned from it. In this group last year we found that this format led to some fascinating and timely discussions. Limited to 14 people for now to have either in-person or Zoom meeting.


This group is currently inactive and seeking a Convenor.

Pub Night

To receive information about the Pub Night join our Facebook group (you must be a member of the PNC to be accepted into the Facebook Group).


Calling all quilters.  Are you tired of quilting solo and yearn for the days of lively quilt gatherings? Fear not, dear quilters, for your social oasis awaits.  We have secured a place for quilting in Sidney, every Tuesday afternoon from 1-4pm.  Members, to learn more click on the Members |Activities tab.  Edit your profile to join this group and you will receive more information. 

Special Events

Sign up for this group if you like adventures, surprises and trying new fun things. Activities include, but are not limited to: Tall Ship Sailing days in the summer, Mini Golf and Paint Nights. To learn more, edit your profile and tick the magic box, you don't know what the next event is until you sign up.

Tuesday Trekkers

Meet on Tuesdays @ 1:30. This is a walking / easy hiking group that will go at an easy pace. The length of the walk / hike will vary between 3-6 km. People that are used to a fast pace may not enjoy this group. The main objectives are to get outside, enjoy nature, meet people and get some exercise. We're looking for suggestions on walks and hikes. There are so many in the area but we’d love to hear of more places to go. 

Volunteer With the PNC

Are you looking for a way to help out the Club, learn something new and make new friends?  You've come to the right place!

We are looking for people who can lend a little time or skill to the occasional job that comes up.  Whilst some can be done solo, most work on the 'buddy' system - much more fun!  Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

    • Hand delivering our flyers and business cards to local businesses;
    • Buddying up with someone to collect door prizes from local businesses;
    • Helping a fellow club member explain how the website works and, for example, showing a member how to upload their avatar, ie technical assistance;
    • Running an occasional errand;
    • Meet and greet new members at luncheons and answering questions they may have about the Club; or
    • Baking for a our spring or fall open houses

If so, sign up by selecting this Activity Group in your profile to receive notices!

Volunteering in the Community

On the Sidney By the Sea website there is a page dedicated to  volunteer opportunities around the Saanich Peninsula.

Other opportunities:

Volunteer victoria

Friends of the Environment Foundation

Saanich Peninsula Hospital & Healthcare Foundation provides information about the services offered at the hospital.  Volunteers are often needed and they have amazing community events.

Visit our community page on the PNC website for more opportunities.

Wednesday Evening Walkers

Every Wednesday evening this group will meet (rain or shine) at 6:30 pm at Mary Winspear Centre and will walk briskly for approximately one hour.  Fall/Winter walks will be town walks on lit streets in the Sidney downtown core.  Spring/Summer walks will be along the "Heart Smart" route along the ocean front and back.

Wednesday Waterfront Walkers

This group meet weekly at 9.30am on Wednesday mornings in downtown Sidney and complete a brisk walk of the "Heart Smart" route along the ocean front and back.  Any member wishing to join this group should turn up at the start of the walk.  No notifications are sent out. 

Welcome Committee

Calling all members, looking for volunteers! With the popularity of our club, this year we discovered that welcoming newcomers took a team of people.  

  • Do you have a home large enough to host 12-15 people indoors or outdoors for our Welcome Teas?

  • Do you have a recipe for cookies or tarts or squares that you would like to bake and share at our Welcome Teas each month?

  • Do you have an eye for décor and table settings and would be willing to continue helping make our luncheons a  beautiful event?

Wine and Appies

Meet and mingle with PNC members and couples. Generally the first Friday of every month two or three Hosts open their homes to an evening of Wine and Appies .  Everyone contributes by bringing a plated appetizer and a bottle of wine (or preferred beverage for personal consumption) to the designated Host’s home. A nice way to get to know members and their spouses!

Peninsula Newcomers Club, PO Box 2665 | Sidney | BC | V8L 5Y9

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