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The  Volunteers of the PNC organize a variety of activities.  There is something for everyone.  Browse the list, you are sure to find something of interest.  If you have any questions or want to start your own group, you can contact activities.pnc@gmail.com.

Artist Discovery Group

Our beautiful corner of the world boasts many fabulous artists, both professional and amateur who work with a variety of medium,  so let’s discover them together.  We could see works or perhaps meet specific artists at local galleries, participate in designated studio tour weekends or simply meet in some of the coffee shops featuring a local artist. 

Book Club: Women Who Read

Attention book lovers! Anyone interested in joining a book club? Stay tuned for our first meeting when we will discuss book choices and other details.  This group will close once it reaches 10 members. Please bring your book ideas.

Book Sisters

Due to the popularity of this group, registration has been capped and will not be available for further registration. If any member wishes to convene their own Book Sisters event then please notify activities.pnc@gmail.com.  Book Sisters will meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month for lunch at the 10 Acres Pier Restaurant in Sidney to discuss our current book choice. The venue limits us to eight members! Our first meeting will be on September 21st at 12:30. We will spend the first meeting establishing what genre of books our group wants to read.

Due to the popularity of this group, registration has been capped and will not be available for further registration. If any member wishes to convene their own Book Sisters event then please notify activities.pnc@gmail.com. 

Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Gardens offers 55 acres of spectacular floral display. Join us to walk and explore the four seasons, from spring with its thousands of flowering bulbs to summer with its beautiful hanging baskets and Rose Garden. Then there is the autumn when the leaves on the trees turn an incredible red, orange and gold. In winter the trees and shrubs are showcased as well as access to historical documents and an indoor tropical garden.  A 12 month pass is recommended which gives you 10% discount on food, gifts and tickets for friends. Two visits pay for an annual pass. This group meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 10:00am. Please wear your name tags.

Coffee & Chat

Every Thursday at 10-11am.  Venue changes weekly.

Couples Connecting

This group is for the ladies and their honeys that want to do activities as couples. It may be a game-night, theatre, pickleballing or appetizer testing together. You never know what might be in store for this action-oriented group but the idea is to do something fun, interesting, active or thought provoking together and to get to know each other and their partners better.


Do you love cribbage?  Or, have you always wanted to learn?  We will meet on the third Thursday of the month at 3.30pm for drinks and cards at a local place in Sidney.  You are welcome to bring your significant other.  Fifteen That!

JOIN the Cryptosphere!

A Hub for Crypto Currency Enthusiasts - with Beginners in Mind

Cryptocurrency is certainly a global phenomenon, but it can be difficult to meet like-minded people out in the wilds of the Saanich Peninsula.

1. This group is for ladies who are aware of the basics of cryptocurrency - how it works, and some of the jargon, and for those who would like to get their first fiat into an exchange before the next crypto bull run, perhaps by the end of the year!

2. You have your first fiat into crypto currency & are happily Trading or Hodl’ing, and are interested in sharing different crypto strategies, coins and knowledge to build long term wealth.

Ultimately, become empowered to profit from the incredible opportunity we all have right now!  Our first meeting will be Thursday December 8th at 10am.

Garden Explorers

From March to June this group explores a number of different gardens in the Greater Victoria area.  Venues include, but are not limited to, the Horticultural Centre for the Pacific, Royal Roads and Hatley Castley, Government House, UVic's Finnerty Gardens, Abkhazi Gardens and Beacon Hill Park.  You will be guided by a head gardener or garden volunteer when possible and/or the convenors of this activity.  Groups will be limited to 10-16 depending upon the destination. Good footwear is required, along with the ability to climb stairs and stand and/or walk for 90-120 minutes.  Car pooling will not be officially organized by t may be arranged between those who feel comfortable doing so.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Guess who's coming to dinner will start in Spring 2022 and will be held once every 3 months. It is a great way for couples or singles to meet new people in a small group. Members sign up to either be hosts or guests.

Kitchen Bridge

Kitchen Bridge is a fun afternoon of playing cards. We currently have one table of bridge, usually played on Tuesday afternoons from either 1-3pm or 2-4pm, depending upon which is more convenient at the time.  In order to have two tables of bridge, we would need five more people (one of our regulars is a spare, and not a member of PNC).  Of course, it would be great to have two spares for when the regular players cannot make it. Hosting usually rotates through the members.  This is just for fun and no one is playing for Masters points. Please let us know if you're interested, and have any questions.

Knowledge & PBS Network Group

Knowledge and PBS Network Fans will be a monthly discussion group of programs viewed on these TV networks. There are so many documentaries, mysteries, programs of various sorts that would be fun to discuss in a group. No formal selection of programs. This is different than the Movie group that selects and discusses films.  Would be good to limit to 10 to enable discussion.

Mahjong (American)

Due to the popularity of this group, registration has been capped and will not be available for further registration. If any member wishes to convene their own Mahjong event then please notify activities.pnc@gmail.com. American Mah Jongg (or mahjong) is a variant of the Chinese game mahjong. It follows the National Mah Jongg League rules.

We welcome new players and those that have been playing for years. The game uses racks to hold each player's tiles, jokers and 'Hands and Rules' score cards. The card describes the winning combinations of tiles. The goal of the game is to match your tiles with one of these combinations.

Mini Golf

Mini golf will resume in the spring when Island Mini Golf re-opens.  You can sign up now for next year. 

Playing a round of mini golf with a bunch of like minded ladies is a blast. It's fun for all ages. Enjoy 18 holes of exciting mini-golf in a uniquely landscaped rural setting. Everyone is welcome, please share with your friends. We will meet at Island View Mini-Golf Course on Central Saanich Road. 

Monday Morning Hiking

Every Monday throughout the year a hike on nature trails in the parks, hills and mountains of Southern Vancouver Island, takes place from 9am for approximately 1.5 - 2.5 hours.  The hikes very in length and level of difficulty, although they are typically moderate.

Monthly Luncheon

From September to June the PNC holds a monthly luncheon.  Most lunches have a guest speaker in attendance with the opportunity for Q and A at the end of the presentation.  The luncheon venue is currently at the SHOAL Centre on Resthaven Road in Sidney BC.

Movie Club

Want to watch a movie and have a lively discussion about it?  This group meets once a month.

Non Fiction Book Club

This is a bit of a different format for a book club.  Rather than all reading the same book, each member reads a book of their choice each month and then comes prepared to discuss/ explore the impact of the book and what they learned from it. In this group last year we found this format led to some fascinating and timely discussions.  This group will close once it reaches 10 members.  This activity is full.

Off Leash Dog Walkers

Regular twice weekly dog meet ups/walks. Every Monday 1200-1300 starting Sept 26, 2022, bring your furry friend to Dominion Brook Park and meet in the bottom field furthest from the road. We will chat while our dogs play and may also walk around the perimeter of the park. Every Wednesday starting Sept 28 1200-1300 meet in Horth Hill parking lot and we will walk with our dogs as they run off leash with us.  As we meet others with dogs, people may also want to set up other places/times in advance or spur of the moment to walk your dog with others. We all walk them often, sometimes it’s nice to go with a friend.  Please note, if your dog does not do well off leash please reconsider bringing them. It is not fair to a dog to be on leash while others are off leash. It often promotes aggression of the leashed animal.

Quilters and Crafters

Calling all quilters and crafters!  Ready to contribute to the designing and creating  of a PNC banner ?   Let’s meet and invent a banner that can be used at various PNC events to welcome people.  We will decide later when and where we will meet.  Sign up if interested and I will contact you.

Tuesday Trekkers

Meet on Tuesdays @ 1:30. This is a walking / easy hiking group that will go at an easy pace. The length of the walk / hike will vary between 3-6 km. People that are used to a fast pace may not enjoy this group. The main objectives are to get outside, enjoy nature, meet people and get some exercise. We're looking for suggestions on walks and hikes. There are so many in the area but we’d love to hear of more places to go. 

Virtually Connected

Let's zoom together! Weekly chats for those feeling sheltered, craving more connections or wanting to stay connected to Newcomers when away. We get together on Monday mornings (except holidays) for up to an hour. Join in when you like ~ sign up is for the curious or committed. :)  A zoom link will be sent to you. 

Wednesday Waterfront Walkers

This group meet weekly at 9.30am on Wednesday mornings in downtown Sidney and complete a brisk walk of the "Heart Smart" route along the ocean front and back.

Welcome Committee

Calling all members, looking for volunteers! With the popularity of our club, this year we discovered that welcoming newcomers took a team of people.  

  • Do you have a home large enough to host 12-15 people indoors or outdoors for our Welcome Teas?

  • Do you have a recipe for cookies or tarts or squares that you would like to bake and share at our Welcome Teas each month?

  • Do you have an eye for d├ęcor and table settings and would be willing to continue helping make our luncheons a  beautiful event?

Wine and Appies

Meet and mingle other ladies and couples too.  On the first Friday of every month one or two hosts open up their homes to wine and appies from 7-9.30pm.  Everyone contributes by bringing a bottle of wine and an appetizer (we suggest that singles only bring an appetizer as there is always more than enough wine) to the designated host’s home.

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